Mouse Events/ Touch Events/ Gesture Events!!! Is there a general solution for this problem. Well Pointer.js might help

6. November 2012 21:05 by Mrojas in General  //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (0)
Now, we all write pages and HTML5 apps that must work in Mac/Linux/Windows/iPhone/iPad/S3/Nexus... you name it.
And sadly not all browsers behave the same, so a common problem is that you have to bind your code to all sort of events.
My friend Luis Diego send me a nice javascript library that tries to use the microsoft win8 idea of unified all these events under an umbrella of pointer events.
So if you are dealing with this issue I really recommend this post:
Pointer.js is the library proposed there. I tried it on my HTC WP7 and not everything works. On my pc works very nice and still need to tried on some mobile devices. 
I might need some tune up but is a great start.