Thin Clients or Rich Clients

31. December 2006 06:26 by Mrojas in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

This is an old topic but I always like to give some thoughts on this idea.  I really think that in the future everything will run from the internet. Internet is becoming another basic need just as electricity, water, gas and telephone. The appearance of new technologies makes it easy to have Internet even in remote places like beaches and mountains.

Rich Clients have been defended because it was said that not a lot of interactivity could be produced by thin clients. It has also been said that powerful interfaces (with complex gadgets, etc) could be produced in a web interface. I think that Flash, and AJAX have shown that despite all believes it is possible. There are still more technologies that will come. But the easier deployment and the fact that you can use your web applications everywhere even from a cell phone in a taxi cub.


I also love phases like “If you ask an engineer the time, he'll tell you how to build a clock.”. Web interfaces are simple and easy to learn look at blogs like Jon Galloway and Microsoft's Inductive User Interface (IUI) initiative it seams like more people is starting to think in this way.