Why can't I delete a file in Windows?

19. March 2007 12:09 by Csaborio in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Ever had this happen to you?:


I think this is the most annoying message that Windows has (OS X has one similar which is not very useful in letting you know what the problem is).  IMHO, I think that if the OS is informing you about an attempt to delete a file that has a handler open, it should be smart enough to tell you one thing: which is the application/process using it!!!

Fear not, as there is a workaround for this.   Unlocker is a (free) utility that will give you this info.  Once installed, it is a contextual menu:


Unlocker will then present you with a dialog that will let you deal with the situation:


One less Windows nuisance to worry about.  Credit where credit is due: Stephen was the person who referenced me to this program.

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