How to run Visual C++ Binaries in a 64-bit Machine without Visual Studio installed

11. September 2006 06:28 by Csaborio in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)
Fact: You cannot install Visual Studio on an Itanium box - this is a "by design" issue and the installer will not budge regardless of what you try.

So if you are building binaries from Visual C++, how do you manage to make them run given that most of the libraries they need will not be found on the Itanium box?

One workaround is to statically link your binaries - which oftentimes lead to bloated sizes and defies the whole purpose of using dynamically linked libraries.

Another one is to install the Visual C++ Runtime libraries for Itanium and x64:
Install these on your 64-bit server and C++ binaries will run in all of their glory.  With Remote Debugging and these utilities installed, you won't even need a RDC to the 64-bit box to run your code.  Happy coding!