A Project Management joke

2. February 2007 12:16 by jpena in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

The other day I heard a joke about project managers told by John Valera, one of the Project Management professors at Costa Rica's Universidad Nacional, so I wanted to share it in this space.  I’m not really good at telling jokes, but here it goes…

There was a big project which had three key team members: a software architect, a QA leader and a project manager.  These three guys used to go together for a walk after lunch, to relax and talk about the project.  One day, they came across an old lamp and when they picked it up, a genie appeared and said:

- “You have awaken me.  I’m supposed to grant you three wishes, but since you are three, I will grant a wish to each one of you”.

First, the QA leader said:

- “I wish to flee to some place where I can have all the money that I want, and spend it in whatever I want!”  Suddenly, he disappeared and became a rich man in Las Vegas.

Then came the software architect: 

- “I wish to flee to some place where I don’t have to worry about anything, and I can have all the fun in the world!”  Suddenly, he disappeared and found himself walking in the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

At the end, it was the project manager’s turn.  With no need for extra thinking, he just said:

- “I wish to have those two guys back at work by 2:00 PM!!!!” :)