XML documentation in the C# source code

28. June 2007 14:04 by Jaguilar in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

In order to fully take advantage of the XML source code comments available in C#, you need to use all the features offered by the XML comment system.For this, the best guide I’ve found so far is this: XML Comments Let You Build Documentation Directly From Your Visual Studio .NET Source Files .

Also, in order to extract the XML comments that work as and input to the Sandcastle tools, follow these steps:

  • Inside the Visual Studio 2005 Solution Explorer, right click on your C# project
  • Select Properties from the popup menu
  • Select Build
  • Make sure the checkbox XML documentation file is selected. Enter the path and file name where you want the XML file to be generated.

With that setting, the next time you build your application the XML file will be generated for you.