HP/Intel Developer Workshop in Dallas

28. March 2006 09:52 by Jaguilar in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

ArtinSoft has been involved with 64-bit awareness and training programs for well over a year now - last year we worked on the Route 64 program, and we are currently working on the succesor to Route 64, called 64-bit Advantage. Because of our involvement in this programs, we're also doing the Windows 64-bit tracks of both the Itanium Solutions Alliance's Developer Days and for the HP and Intel Itanium workshops.

Next week there's one such workshop in Dallas. I'll be at the HP and Intel® Developer Workshop, taking place in Dallas, TX, from April 4-6, doing the Windows track.

Some of the perks of the workshop include (from their website):

  • Three days of interactive lectures
  • An HP Integrity rx2620 server (yes, you get a server with the registration fee)
  • A license for the Intel Development Tools
  • Addtional developer resources
The cost of the registration is well worth it, in my opinion. And the subjects we cover during the sessions are very interesting as well - you should learn quite a bit, plus you get the oportunity to try to port your own code to 64-bit, using native hardware!