Dallas Workshop Wrapup

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The 64-bit workshop in Dallas last week was a great success. We had 7 people porting their applications to Itanium systems. Of the seven, three managed to port their apps - one was a C# application that was ported in 15 minutes!! Another participant ported his C++ application to Visual Studio .NET 2005, but didn't have the Itanium compilers installed. So let's make it 3.5 ports. :o)

So we can say we had a 50% success rate. Great workshop, can't wait for the next one!!

Proven Techniques to automatically convert your J2EE code to C# and .NET

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The recording for the webcast I gave last week, titled "Proven Techniques to automatically convert your J2EE code to C# and .NET", is now available! You can check it out here.

The webcast is mostly about the techniques we have developed here at ArtinSoft to succesfully peform migration projects using the Java Language Conversion Assitant and the JLCA Companion. When performing J2EE to .NET migration there are several things that you have to keep in mind - for example, J2EE applications often rely on third-party components. These components are usually not migrated automatically by the JLCA, since there is no way to include all these APIs in it. By using  product like the JLCA Companion, you can automate the migration of these components, siginificantly speeding up your migration efforts by reducing the amount of manual work you need to perform. In the webcast, we show you a smalll demo of the JLCA Companion, how it works, and how it can be used in your migratino projects.

In the web cast, we also cover:

  • An overview of the nxt initiative by Microsoft
  • An overview of ArtinSoft and ArtinSoft's migration expertise
  • Why should ISV consider automated software migration when moving to a new platform
  • A summary of various Java to .NET concepts
  • A detailed description of the migration process followed here at ArtinSoft, using the JLCA Companion
  • And, finally, we have two live demos, one about using the JLCA Companion, and another one about a complete migration of a web application that is accomplished in just a few minutes!!

So, check it out, and enjoy :-).

HP/Intel Developer Workshop in Dallas

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ArtinSoft has been involved with 64-bit awareness and training programs for well over a year now - last year we worked on the Route 64 program, and we are currently working on the succesor to Route 64, called 64-bit Advantage. Because of our involvement in this programs, we're also doing the Windows 64-bit tracks of both the Itanium Solutions Alliance's Developer Days and for the HP and Intel Itanium workshops.

Next week there's one such workshop in Dallas. I'll be at the HP and Intel® Developer Workshop, taking place in Dallas, TX, from April 4-6, doing the Windows track.

Some of the perks of the workshop include (from their website):

  • Three days of interactive lectures
  • An HP Integrity rx2620 server (yes, you get a server with the registration fee)
  • A license for the Intel Development Tools
  • Addtional developer resources
The cost of the registration is well worth it, in my opinion. And the subjects we cover during the sessions are very interesting as well - you should learn quite a bit, plus you get the oportunity to try to port your own code to 64-bit, using native hardware!


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I will be giving a live webcast next week!!

The webcast is titled Proven Techniques to automatically convert your J2EE code to C# and .NET, and it is as part of Microsoft's nxt initiative, aimed at moving ISVs to Microsoft's platforms.

The webcast is next Tuesday at 10:00AM PST. You can register for the event here: Event Link

Costa Rica and Technology

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For those of you who didn't know, ArtinSoft's main operation is based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Here in Costa Rica we've been on a technology boom in the last few years, starting with Intel opening up a big plant here in the country and with the appearance of several software companies doing business abroad during the 90's. There's a lot of outsourced development going on around here, and people everywhere in the world are taking notice.
Here is a nice article at the Los Angeles Times that talks about the phenomenon. There's a couple of quotes from our CEO, Dr. Carlos Araya, and from our Project Director, Roberto Leiton, in the article.

Enjoy the read: Costa Rica Rides High-Tech Wave

Vista Release date

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Yep, it is official. Vista will not be widely available until January 2007. It will be available for corporate customers on November 2006, so there's still a chance that I'll be able to get my hands on it before Christmas :-)
Press Release

Atlas for ASP.NET available!!!

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The Atlas framework is now available!!
For those of you that are not familiar with Atlas, it is an AJAX-based framework for ASP.NET. I've been playing with it a little bit, and it has a lot of potential for bringing rich, interactive Web 2.0 technolgies to the mainstream. There's a nice video demonstration on the Atlas website that will give you a better idea of how it works.
I recommend you give it a try!

Welcome to my blog!

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Hi All!

Welcome to my brand-new blog. Even though I have been blogging for the last few weeks on the 64-bit Advantage site, I finally decided to have my own blog. I work in the consulting side of the company here at ArtinSoft, so I will be mainly blogging about my experiences with customers. I will also be talking about the different technologies we get to work with here at ArtinSoft.

If you have any particular interest on which you want me to comment or research, feel free to leave a comment!!