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Maybe I’m wrong but after 8 year in web development, 4 asp classic year, 2 year transition to .Net world and last year doing heavy development on 2.0 I think that I may have a good opinion on the best resources online for the development.

I was thinking sometime ago about give the credit to the great work of
Mads Kristensen  and his .NET SLAVE blog, to me, the best blog around the blogsphere when talking about ASP.NET development. But I’ve been kinda lazy and never did so, today I read a blog post from HIM asking about some stuff , you should read here.

After playing around with all free resources online to see coding techniques and styles (forums, tutorial, blogs, Starter “piece of s***” kits, I easily can say that Mads’ blog is the best blog around, why? Because if you see around and read a lot of blogs an related technologies, forums, you can find good code but NEVER believe me NEVER the complete solution, or not a quality solution, and to make it even better Mads “KISS” approach just make his blog articles perfect. I understand that people shouldn’t give away everything they know, that everybody’s problem to decide to share or not.

Small, concise, ready for deployment in must cases,  an the best of all, HE SHARES real solutions for real problems on real scenarios, his code snippets are piece of gold when you have the enough criteria to judge. I don’t want to sounds like a biased person, I don’t know Mads personally but I bet you he is a great person why? Because persons who SHARE KNOWLEDGE, - not just simple knowledge –I’m talking about real knowledge, is great people. I invite you to read his blog everyday and if you can donate when find something useful I encourage you to do so ( I should do that to J) Read all the post Mads wrote, I guarantee you that would be amazed to read all that valuable an C# stuff.

I will make a resource or blogs list that I read everyday that keeps me on track on latest news, trends etc, related to an developer but now I just feel necessary to give Mad something small back compare to his great knowledge.

As I said Mads code snippets and opinion rocks, and here is my favorite ones.

Latest: Search Engine Positioner, I saw this yesterday  and now is used in our marketing department, very valuable tool for SEO (search engine optimization) , Mads If you read this, this is my "wish a song", Proxy settings, to use 3rd party proxies, this is very useful when doing SEO out of the US because Search engines give results depending on your IP country so if you do search engine marketing for another country rather that yours ( in my case Costa Rica) that would be very valuable).

Some other favorites:

And many more, if you put together all the code Mads provides you can build a great software library to a small general purpose web shop.
Thanks for all, Mads keep sharing, keep rocking!
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