File Previewers for Outlook

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As I developer I usually receive emails with .zip attachments and .xml attachments. When I’m looking for an old email I hate that I have to open the attachment just to see if it has the files I’m looking.


Why isn’t there a built-in preview functionality for .xml and .ZIP files?

So I thought, I’m a developer I can build one. And I found an excellent article about the File Previewers in Outlook 2007 and Windows 7 by Stephen Toub.

I just updated the project files to VS 2008 and removed the dependencies to VJ# replacing them by the SharpZipLib library.


And it works well and does not require you to install anything else!


Below you can see an example of Zip File preview


And and example of XML File Preview


I think is an excellent article and I can know write my own previewers every time I need them.


Download the code from CODE HERE

Download the installer from INSTALLER HERE