Safe Migration to VB.NET

27. November 2006 05:44 by Mrojas in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)
    My colleague Juan Pastor forward us an interesting link. It was called "Safe Migration to VB.NET". By Phillip Munce.
He provides an interesting point of view of how to address a migration. He's approach is based on the Agile Development strategies.
Mainly he states that a good way to address a migration project is developing a set of Unit Test cases. For which you could use either NUnit or the Visual Studio Team System.
In that way is easier to establish a measure that let's you know when the project is migrated if it meets the original application test cases.
He also sees it as an oportunity to document and improve maintability for the application.
Here at Artinsoft we also give special attention to testing and the establishment of the test case scenarios because they are our main tool to determine the "Functional Equivalence"
 of the application being migrated which is the goal of most of our clients.
Testing is not always appreciated by developers but as applications grow and maintability becomes complicated, it is harded and harder to keep track that new functionality and patches do not destroy the rest of your application.
Take a look at Phillips Blog here.