How to use Windows Phone 7 with Lync

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It seems ironic but it seems that it is a little more difficult to configure Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 to work with MS Lync that it is to configure an iPhone or an iPad.


Well after trying for a while without success, I found this page:

The steps are (and i quote):




I like Windows Phone, I just think their apps need to be more polished.

The Mango is close!!!

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Jejeje. Well if you are a phone developer, either an iOS guy who is thinking on offering
his/her apps in the MS Marketplace or just someone with a great interest in Windows Phone
then you should know what mango is.

Mango is a new update for the Windows Phone, and it will mean a lot for developers,
because if you already liked WP7 you will love MANGO.




Mango means HTML5 yes!
Mango means Multitasking!
Mango means Hands-free messaging, did you ever
wanted to send SMS without using your fingers, now you can!

I don’t think is mentioned in this video but Mango is also SQLCE a great alternative
for Android and iPhone developers who were using sqllite.