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I like Linux and consider it as a very interesting OS alternative
However sometimes there are simple things that I just do not know how to do.
Windows is still everywhere and specially getting thing
from a Windows to a LINUX box can be tricky.
For example recently I had to restore a database
from a Windows DB2 to a Linux DB2 so I had the backup and needed to
eove it to the linux box.
So use smbclient!
But how.
to connect to a windows share do something like this:

smbclient -user domain/username //machine/sharename

this thing will ask for your password and now you are connected.
Smbclient is just like an ftp.
But how do you copy a directory
I found these instructions in the internet:

smb: > tarmode
smb: > lcd /tmp
smb: > recurse
smb: > prompt
smb: > mget your_directory/

as simple as that.
So hope that helps