From the Developer's perspective

17. May 2005 09:10 by Fzoufaly in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Consider this hypothetical question posed to a career advisor:


I've been working with Visual Basic on application development at a company that is considering a migration to .NET. The new IT environment involves Web-enabled applications. Do you have suggestions to help me take advantage of this transition? - Thrilled VB Developer

Dear Thrilled:

Managers need to understand the challenges of migrating applications when they're changing their businesses environments.  Right now, your value lies in being a bridge to the new entity, helping in the task of migrating applications and moving the data from one entity to another.

Your knowledge of the original code, plus your understanding of the business logic and business processes of your current company, are the skills that will probably help you climb the job ladder and give you some breathing room to learn new technologies. Once you understand how the older technologies map to the new ones, you could be quite helpful, not just to your company but to other companies and government entities involved in similar projects.


From the developer's perspective it makes a lot of sense to embrace Visual Basic .NET while still leveraging as much as possible the value embedded in the application written in Visual Basic 6.