Aggiorno Beta2 is out!

5. June 2008 02:49 by Fzoufaly in General  //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (0)

How did ArtinSoft got into producing Aggiorno ( )?  Well after more than 15 years in the software migration market we learned a few things and we are convinced that developers want to increase their productivity and that automatic programming is a very good mean to do just that.

Aggiorno is the latest incarnation of ArtinSoft proven automatic source code manipulation techniques.  This time their are aimed at web developers.

Aggiorno, in its first release, offers a set of key automated improvements for web pages:

- Search engine indexing optimization
- User accessibility
- Error free, web standards compliance
- Cascading Style Sheet standard styling
- Site content and design separation

Aggiorno's unique value proposition is the encapsulation of source code improvements, utterly focused on web developer productivity in order to quickly and easily extend business reach.

At Microsoft TechEd in Orlando this tuesday June 3rd 2008 we announced the availability of Beta2 and we have included all the suggestion from our Beta1.

Download the Aggiorno Beta2 now and let us know what you think.