The Vista Story...

5. March 2007 10:07 by Csaborio in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Following on my previous post, I have finished installing Vista on Paralles.  There were various things I had to do to succesully finish the upgrade:

  • Expand the size of my virtual disk to at least 15 GB.  The Vista installer will expand various files and needs this space
  • Increase the memory size of the VM to 512
  • Upgrade to the latest version of Parallels and use the menu that allows Vista in believing that the machine is OK to install Vista:


First off, all my applications worked after the upgrade, I was very impressed about this fact.  On the other hand (I don't know if this is a Vista or Parallels issue), things are kind of slow.  Windows XP running with 256 MB of RAM ran a lot faster than Vista with 512 MB of RAM.  It seems like my CPU usage is higher when using Vista under Parallels.

These issues have me revert to Windows XP, which I will keep using until an upgrade for either Vista or Parallels that address this issue is released.